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I got my cat moves
That so upsets them
Zippers and buttons
Fun to frustrate them
They get so angry
Like pouty children
Denied their candy
I laugh right at them

Wizard of Oz
Have you ever thought about what you would ask for if you had a chance to visit the Emerald City?  Aside from the flying monkey.... I think everything else I'd ask for is completely aesthetic and vain.  Is that wrong?

Remember when George Michael was wholesome?  Big fluffy hair, and short shorts.  The good old days.
You put the boom boom into my heart
You send my soul sky high when your loving starts

Ferris Wheel
I'll have to admit a fear of ferris wheels. I love roller coasters but hate the ferris wheel.  It could be because I've watched way too many horror movies, and anything that starts in a ferris wheel doesn't end well.  And yes, I know I don't live in a horror movie...but the people in them don't think they do either.
I'm afraid of the big boat too - it makes my tummy feel sad.

Super Bon Bon
Flourite. Not to be confused with fluoride
Fluorite is good for cleansing the aura, and aiding in communication with fairies and nature spirits. It also enhances the understanding of abstract concepts and meditation.
Fluoride is that pink gross tasting crap the dentist makes you use.

Fly My Pretties
I was watching the Wizard of Oz today, and come on, there is nothing in this world cooler than smartly dressed flying monkeys that will do your bidding and bring you things.

This bracelet was a custom order for Naomi's wedding.  I don't know Naomi, but I do know she's a fan of Three's Company and Three's a Crowd.  So because of that, I went all out on this bracelet, making it with Australian glass beads and a double clasp so it doesn't slip or fold over on to itself.  Come on, that's a good looking bracelet.

Maria is my mommy. 
She's the best mommy in the whole wide world. You may think you're mommy is the best but you'd be wrong.

I live in Toronto...and my work has sent me to Vancouver for a few weeks.  I'm staying at a place that is really close to work. My room, although sizeable, cozy, and cheap, has bad art.  Really bad art.  Like Miami Vice 1980'a pastel bad art....except for a single Monet hanging over the dining room table.  How did they think that matched?

Was there a Ruby Monday?
I wonder if the Rolling Stones went through different drafts of Ruby Tuesday? Sapphire Sunday, Moonstone Monday, maybe Turquoise Tuesday. No wait...RUBIES!
Yes, that's it...Ruby Tuesday.  Then they all squealed and shared a group hug before making s'mores and telling each other ghost stories while they braided Keith Richards hair.

Late Night
So I've had to redo my entire site, because a page is corrupted in the original site.  No one can help me fix it, they just told me to recreate the site.  So, I took brand new photos, bought more web space, and started updating.  As I'm copying and pasting all the descriptions from the old site onto this one, I'm realising that I'm not as witty as I like to give myself credit for, and the original description for this bracelet sucked...not that this one is much better.

A Cubist's Dream
On Toronto highways they have boards that tell how well traffic is moving.  These signs have three options: moving well, moving slowly, very slow.  Very slow = you're screwed.  I would like to see these signs changed to:  Traffic moving very slow...stay tuned for our feature presentation, and then a movie starts.

Cha Cha Cha Chains


Guess what I was listening to when I updated the site.  David Bowie has got to be one of the coolest people on the planet.
Even after all these years in the business he can still come up with original music that appeals to so many people.   He's probably one of the only artists whose career has spanned so many decades, and is still able to keep it fresh.

Mouse in the House
Demanding celebrities part 2:
Coldplay asked for vodka and wine, plus at least 48 bottles of lager - demanding that no American beers be included.  THey also wanted organic soup and free-range chicken, and three packs of Marlboro lights.

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