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I collect "Nightmare Before Christmas" snowglobes...they're beautiful, and musical and magical.
And they have absolutely nothing to do with this sterling silver and mother of pearl pendant.  Nothing at all.

Long Tall Sally


This necklace reminds me of Mexico, which is odd since I've never been there.  I might feel that way because this is something I can picture on Salma Hayek when she's running away from bad guys with Antonio Banderas.
Or maybe I've just watched too many movies.

Lock n' Load
Lockets have always left me with so many unanswered questions.
How do you measure the right size of the photo?
How does the photo stay in there?
Are you supposed to put the picture in upside down so you can open the locket and look at it yourself?

What not to wear has damaged me.  I want to be on this show, admittedly I'm not the worst dresser, but I could use some (maybe more than some) style advice.  Since I've started watching this show, everyday when I look at my closet, I think to myself...what would Clinton and Stacy do?

This game was my first introduction to gaming.  It's been downhill ever since.  I remember being in grade 10 when this game came out, and my brother worked full time in the summer.  So when he left for work, I'd get up, mosey over to his room and play this all day.  Then I'd be out of there before he got home.

Fansites freak me out.  I came upon one the other day, and the person who owns the site, had taken the head of her favourite actor, and superimposed it onto the body of Playgirl models.
I'm disturbed by this for a number of reasons:
1.  It's an online shrine
2.  She is so obsessed that she painstakingly PhotoShopped his head onto other bodies. 
That creeps me out.

Men in Makeup
Whenever I see guys trying to look badass by wearing eyeliner and nail polish, I can't help but think about them standing in the cosmetics aisle trying to pick the perfect shade of black.  Or gently blowing on their nails to dry them faster.
On another note, these earrings are made with sterling silver hoops and Swarovski crystals.

Dog Hair
My dog has short hair, so shedding isn't as noticeable, but her hair usually ends up in the weirdest places.
I was doing my nails tonight, and as my nail polish as drying, I found a tiny dog hair stuck in my nail polish. 
On another note - this necklace is mother of pearl and coin pearls.


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