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Airplane Announcements
"Should the cabin lose pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead area.  Please place the bag over your own mouth and nose before assisting children or adults acting like children."
"There may be fifty ways to leave your lover, but there are only four ways off this airplane"

Japanese Ice Cream
These are real ice cream flavours, created during a 2004 heatwave in Japan:  fried chicken, cactus, octopus, squid, ox tongue, fried eggplant, crab, corn, wasabi, shrimp, eel, horseflesh, goat, whale, shark fin and noodle, oyster, seaweed, spinach, garlic, pepto-bismal, soy sauce, indian curry, charcoal, salt, and yams.  All I can say is...eww.

Weird Luck
Here's a happy story - in 2001, 97-year old Gladys Adamson had a coughing fit that lasted for hours - it was bad.  The next morning she woke up, went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.  Why is that happy?  She'd been blind for 5 years.  Doctors link the coughing to her recovery - but can't explain it.

- 35% of all personal ads are placed by people who are already married
- the average strawberry has 200 seeds on it
- if a cat falls off the 7th floor of a building, its chances of survival are about 30% less than a cat that falls from the 20h floor
- 40% of nurses say they would not want to be treated at the hospitals they work at

Dangerous Liasions
A man was hospitalized after being attacked by a koala.  
Butterflies get drunk of the juice of rotten fruit.
A chicken can see daylight 45 minutes before it can be seen by humans.

Saber Tooth
This classic saber tooth cat (or Smilidon) roamed California and Argentina. Its huge pair of teeth on the upper jaw were serrated along their back edges, this allowed it to easily pierce the flesh of its prey more easily. It most likely fed on slow moving large prey in which it could sink its large teeth into.


On an average day, I rarely call my friends by their names in conversation.  They know I'm talking to them, so why should I have to use their name throughout our conversation?
In movies, on the other hand, during an average conversation, one actor will use the other actor's name a ba-jillion times in a four minute conversation.

False sense of grandeur

Various forms have media have given me a false sense of competence in things I reasonably know I could never do. For instance:
1. if a plane or helicopter was controlled by a Playstation controller - I'm quite certain I could fly it



2. i've watched enough surgeries on TLC to believe that i could very easily perform a face lift and/or breast enlargement

3. after years of playing video games - i think i could shoot a gun with sniper-like precision, and wield a sword better than Blade                   

4. i've watched enough Columbo, Matlock, and Law and Order to plan and execute the perfect crime




5. down side - i've also seen enough CSI to be able to efficiently catch myself
6. i've watched enough Buffy the Vampire Slayer to know that i would laugh in the face of an undead ne'er do well, and kung fu it's ass back to hell
7. i've watched enough horror movies to know how to kill any sort of monster that might show up at my door



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