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Agates All Odds
...still watching High are some things I've learned watching horror movies, that no one else seems to know:
1. Run outside, not upstairs...and wear sensible shoes
2. Don't hide in bathroom stalls or under beds
3. If a killer stops for gas, and you can get out of the car, don't run into the gas station, steal the car.

Sour Girl
I think sour is just a good word for describing people.  There are just some people who's very name makes your face crinkle up like you've just sucked on a lemon, or look like you're gathering enough spit in your mouth to get 'em good.
FYI:  my horror movie is on pause so I can watch Prison Break.

Here Comes the Rain
...and this one has the diamond shaped beads. 
Good Prison Break episode this week.  Poor Michael, he's all burned up.

Sweets for the Sweet
Something else you need to know about horror matter how dead you think the bad guy is....hit him a few more times, then run away quickly...just in case.
We're back to High Tension...she hit this guy 18 times (I counted) with a large piece of wood that had barbed wire wrapped around it, and he still had the strength to strangle her a little bit.

Lost in the Supermarket
I worked in a grocery store all through high school.  It was the best job I ever had.  I got paid an obscene amount of money to scan groceries.  And they'd usually leave me in charge on Saturdays, so I didn't really do much other than hang out with the grocery guys.  The only down side was having to wear a beige and crimson polyester uniform.  No one looks good in that.

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