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Remote Control

I was sitting here trying to think of a name for these earrings and I was drawing a blank. I scanned my room to see if something would spark some creativity, and there was nothing. I saw the remote control for my stereo and thought, hey...what the hell.  That's when you know you've hit the bottom of the creativity barrel.



I love the word Mofo. Then I got the coolest thing...Mofo Gum.  It's made by a company called Blue Q, and they have the best stuff. They have Bad Ass gum, Potty Mouth gum, Fugidaboudit gum, Instant Happy Childhood Memories breathspray.  It's the best site to this one.


I'm not afraid to fall

I am actually afraid of falling, well maybe not afraid as much as wary of hurts, and I'm a bleeder.  I am a good faller though...I roll over and start laughing...then I get mad if no one laughs with me, or stops to help me up.  FYI....a few weeks after I wrote this....I fell down my stairs.  I didn't fall well....and my bum hurts.


Volcanic Highlands

That's where the water I'm drinking is from, "...originates from rainfall which filters into aquifers beneath volcanic highlands and rainforests.  This virgin ecosystem protects one of the purest waters in the world..."  Sounds exotic doesn't it?



Pinatas are crazy expensive and take forever to break.  You almost need to throw a brick at the thing and then candy spills out all over the unclean floor.  Then you decide that you don't really want candy anyway, cuz the pinata is so expensive that you end up filling it with cheap candy that no one will eat. 


Flight Attendant

I flew a couple of weeks ago, and I had a head cold at the time.  The landing almost caused my ear drums to explode.  For a few minutes I actually held me head in my hands to stop the ear drums from flying out of my head and slapping the guy sitting beside me in the face.  It was painful, and two weeks later, my ears are still popping.


I worked in a grocery store in highschool, one day they were calling for me to go on cash.  When I opened up my checkout, the first woman in line asked my name. I told her it's Gorett.  Her name was Fleurette, and when she heard them call me over the speaker, she thought they were calling her.  And she thought that was really funny...I didn't, but I pretended to.

My Favourite Ever
Favourite movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
Favourite band:  The Clash and Nick Cave
Favourite book:  Good Omens
Favourite colour:  red
Favourite animal:  my dog and chimpanzees
Now we're best friends.

I asked my friend to look at these and tell me the first thing that popped into her head, and that was how I was going to name these. We tried this a minute ago and it didn't go over very well. Before the picture of the earrings came up, she saw a picture of a dolphin and said "dolphin".  I think that's cheating.

Taj Mahal
Same friend.  She was responsible for naming these.
I asked "why Taj Mahal?"
She said "I don't know, cuz it's bold and pretty."
So there you have it.

I do not like weddings. Before I got married my family would ask when I was going to get married.  Now that I am married, I keep getting asked when I'm going to have children. We have a dog, and that's enough for us.  But try explaining that to a Portuguese family.
Besides, they always overcook they meat at weddings.


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