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Brown Eyes Blue




Demanding Celebrities part 3:


Shakira asked for "relaxed" lighting, drapes over ugly walls and high-quality flowers everywhere.


Wrist Monkey
Agate's energies work to raise consciousness, allowing you to accept ourselves and gain self confidence. 
Carnelian dispells negative energies as it replaces them with positive ones. Its grounding effects can make it easier for you to feel in control

Rock of Ages
I used to have the biggest crush on Joe Elliott and Rick Savage....the singer and guitarist of Def Leppard.  This was back when I was in the sixth grade and they still looked good.  And that was a long time ago.  Joe and Rick have not aged all.

Get Your Rocks Off
Dealers keep dealin’
Thieves keep thievin’
Whores keep whorin’
Junkies keep scorin’
Trade is on the meat rack
Strip joints full of hunchbacks
Bitches keep bitchin’
Clap just keeps itchin’

O'Malley's Bar
My friend's nickname is Kinky, and one day while I was parking my car at work, I saw Kinky across the parking lot.  I got out of my car and yelled "KINKY" to get her attention.  But she didn't hear me, but the people hanging around outside did, and looked at me like I had Tourett's syndrome.

When I'm 64
My six year old niece has known all the lyrics to this song since she was three.  And a few other Beatles songs too, and there is nothing cuter than a 4 year old singing Beatles tunes while she's walking through the grocery store.  Unless she's swearing....a swearing kid makes me laugh more than anything else.

Waking Up Tired
I feel like this every day. Over the past week, I've been waking up 3:00 a.m.  That's obscene.  So I go back to sleep, and I wake up again at 5:00 a.m., back to sleep, up again at 5:30 a.m.  And each time I'm wide awake, ready to start my day. But I go back to sleep each time.  Then the alarm goes off at 7:00 a.m., and I have the hardest time dragging my ass out of bed. 

Before and After
Before I started this was just a bunch of glass amethyst faceted beads, and small glass fire polish beads, tiger tail, a couple of crimp beads and a clasp. After I finished, it was the lovely bracelet you see to your left.
This wasn't the description I had in mind when I named this, I should really write these things down.

This bracelet was originally named something else, I can't really remember it now.  But a friend of mine bought it for his girlfriend, and she thought that since she bought it, it should be named after her. 
I agreed.


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