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The Long Hard Road
I'm reading Marilyn Manson's book, The Long Hard Road out of Hell right now. I'm pleasantly surprised by his wit and self-deprecating humour.  There are times I laughed out loud.  Even if you're not a fan of his music (I am a fan), it's worth a read.  It really gives you an insight into what he's like, his music, and his performance art. 

Barrettes and Banana Clips


Let`s move from books to looks - I know that was so bad.
You can probably tell that this is not a barrette or a banana clip (remember those?)
It is a bobby pin with crystal beads. Your hair will look so pretty.

Topsy Tail
It actually angered me that this product made money - and it made an assload of money. Basically, it does the same thing that you can do with your fingers.
You do not need a plastic half coat hanger to do it - USE YOUR FINGERS AND SAVE YOUR MONEY.

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