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Old Emotions
Remember The Spoons?
The Spoons began with the coming of the 1980's; a modest group of four suburban kids from Burlington, Ontario, who became the province's new wave/techno-pop sweethearts.

Glass Tiger
I always wondered what happened to Glass Tiger
Then I was watching a bad show where they bring one hit wonders on to play their hit, and then a cover song, and the audience votes.  On that fateful day, Glass Tiger was there. 
So that's what they're doing now.  Nothing.

There used to be a really cute cartoon here, but the size was all messed up.
I'll tell you about it, it was a guy standing in a laundromat and the caption said:
"I don't like laundromats because I don't want strangers to know what my underwear would look like if they could fly. Or if they were caught in a really small tornado."

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