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Old School Curses


May your daughter's beauty be admired by everyone in the circus.
May you be afflicted with an itch and have no nails to scratch it with.
All your teeth should fall out except one, and you should have a toothache in that one.

Agate's Christie
You might remember her more famous titles Five Little Moonstones, Seven Deadly Amethysts, and her most popular title Murder on the Agate Express, a chilling mystery about how detective Hercule Peridot is called on to solve a murder that occurred in his car the night before.

Once Upon a Time
j190.jpg a land far far away, there was a princess who wore a beautiful necklace made with light blue glass beads.  And that necklace held the power to free her from her drab castle and transport her to a beautiful land of mystery and glamour.

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