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Mmm Mmm Good


I have a Campbell's soup mug as a pen holder, the side of it says mmm mmm good, so I thought I'd go with it.

Not to mention in the 10th grade the guy I had a crush on told me I looked like a Campbell's kid in the middle of law class.  That stuck with me for a while.


Luck o' the Irish


I'm not Irish


Celebrities Suck


I have an intense aversion to some celebrities...ones that go on the Surreal Life, or the Bachelor, or any other reality show.  Anyone who has become a celebrity as a result of a reality show.  Anyone who uses their celebrity to get their own reality show.  I don't care that Paris Hilton can't milk a cow.  I don't care that Tyra Banks has nothing better to do with her time than tell girls they don't know how to walk.  I don't care that Charlie O'Connell can't get a date, and I don't want to see Brigitte Nielson's boobs ever again.


Yellow Submarine


I've owned this movie for over 5 years, and I haven't taken it out of it's plastic wrap yet.  I have no idea why, but everytime I pick it up to watch it, I just end up watching season 2 of the Family Guy or a Kevin Smith movie instead.


Movin' On Up


Ok, I'm still watching Mulholland Drive....what the hell is this movie about?  I'm convinced that the people who go on and on about how brilliant David Lynch is just do so because they know that no one understands his movies, and by saying you do and acting pretentious about it, people will think you're cool. 


Town Called Malice


This movie is killing me.  It just gets weirder and weirder as it keeps going, it's two and a half hours long and I was getting it, and enjoying it until the two hour mark...then it lost me...and continues to lose me.

oh wait, it's the end....I get it now.




An homage to Meryn Cadell:

I dreamed I won the lottery in my maidenform bra, and my husband said I should buy stocks and bonds, and my kids said I should buy a boat and an amusement park, and my mom said I should just take a nice vacation.  And I bought myself a horse.


Flight Attendant


So I've always wondered what would make someone want to be a flight attendant.  I can think of nothing worse than having to serve people peanuts for hours on end, and then have to demonstrate the personal flotation device over and over and over again. 

And come on, I've seen Die Hard and Passenger 57 enough times to know that during a terrorist attack I'd just grab a parachute and bail.

In the event of an emergency, get your own freaking peanuts because I'm out.


S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g B-e-e


Yet another homage to Meryn Cadell:

I was the spelling bee queen of 1965 man.  The principal hauled me out of the grade 2 team spelling bee, out into the hall, told me not to be such a pain in the ass, not to b-e-r-a-t-e the other little children.  Well, I looked properly a-p-o-l-o-g-e-t-i-c, but inside I was thinking c-h-r-i-s-t.  If this guy can't a-p-p-r-e-c-i-a-t-e that I've got his v-o-c-a-b-u-l-a-r-y, well that's his hang up man, not mine.






I'm not afraid to fall


I am actually afraid of falling, well maybe not afraid as much as wary of falling...it hurts, and I'm a bleeder.

I am a good faller though...I just roll over and start laughing at myself...and then I get mad if no one laughs with me, or stops to help me up.

Just an FYI....a few weeks after I wrote that....I fell down my stairs.  I didn't fall well....and my bum hurts.




So this summer has been obscenely hot and humid, and I've been sweating...a lot.

And I've decided to take it up competitively.  I'm practicing seven days a week.  My Sweat Coach and I sit in a steam room for an hour a day and then I just hang out in the sun. 

I'm hoping that next summer...I will be named the 2006 Toronto Sweat Champion.  Fingers crossed.


Volcanic Highlands


That's where the water I'm drinking is from...

"...originates from rainfall which filters into aquifers beneath volcanic highlands and rainforests.  This virgin ecosystem protects one of the purest waters in the world..."

Sounds exotic doesn't it?


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